Welcome to Ecoair Corp.

Ecoair Corp. is a market-oriented innovator in electric machine technology for both alternators and electric motors, has performed contract research for other major companies, and has produced its own alternator.  Using the brand name Eco-Tech, Ecoair invented, developed and marketed its patented low RPM alternator that has the unique features of high output at idle and unmatched alternator efficiency.

Eco-Tech Alternators are operating in diesel powered military boats; fire trucks; ambulances; utility company bucket trucks; school, shuttle and party buses; commercial fishing boats, and other applications with significant operating time at low engine speeds, that is where high output at idle is important.

Why Use Eco-Tech Alternator?

  • New patented technology
  • High output at idle
  • Saves costs by eliminating high idle systems
  • Significant fuel economy benefit