Eco-Tech 28V, 165A - High Amp Alternator

Fishing fleets from Iceland to Alaska have been using case isolated ground Eco-Tech 28V Alternators (IJ-28V/155-I) since their introduction in 2004. Standard 28V Eco-Tech Alternators (J-28V/155-I) are well suited for and have been used in construction and military vehicles. Eco-Tech 28V Alternators are being manufactured in J-180 and Pad mount versions.

Similar to Eco-Tech 14V Alternators, J-28V/155-I Alternators produce four fifths of their rated output of 165 Amps at idle. These Alternators have an efficiency rating of 80% at 1,800 alternator RPM resulting in increased fuel economy, longer life, and reduced waste heat.

J Mount Alternator
28V, 165A,
SAE J-Mount
Pad Mount Alternator
28V, 165A,
SAE P-Mount

Features & Benefits

  • Eco-Tech 28V alternators generate 130A (80% of rated full output) at 1,800 alternator RPM’s, which is engine idle. Idle output is about 2 and 1/2 times the output of similar size claw pole (Lundell) alternators.
  • Designed for vehicles that spend significant operating time at idle. Typical applications are fire, ambulance, shuttle bus, utility trucks,tow trucks and other high amps demanding vehicles.
  • High efficiency of 80% @ 1800 Alternator RPM
  • Eliminate the 50% fuel usage increase caused by high idle
  • Patented technology
  • Voltage set point 28.3V
  • Permanent magnet and wound rotor design
  • One wire hook up, self exciting
  • Soft start
  • Large brushes for longer life
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • Three high efficiency internal fans